Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spiced Chicken with Prosciutto Skewers

Quick and easy, especially after work when you're tired and lazy. I came up with this idea when I was strolling through Coles during my lunch break.

  • 1x Chicken Breast (half it they're huge)
  • 4x Slices of Prosciutto cut into strips
  • 1x Tablespoon of Paprika
  • 1x Tablespoon of Mild Curry Powder
  • 1/4x Teaspoon of Cumin Powder
  • 2x Tablespoons of Dry White Wine
  • Pinch of Salt & Pepper
  • Mixed Salad
  • 1x Cucumber
  • Garlic Flakes
  • Chilli Flakes
  • Balsamic Vinegar
  • Olive Oil
  • Chopped Prosciutto
  • Tzatziki Sauce

Chicken Skewers: Cube up the chicken breast into nice bite sized chucks. Place into bowl and mix with paprika, curry powder, cumin, wine, oil, salt and pepper and leave it to sit in the fridge for around 1 hour (great time to duck off to the gym). Remove from fridge and place onto skewers with prociutto, i.e. for every piece of chicken there should be one piece of prociutto. Heat up the grill or BBQ and cook until nice and golden/crisp.

Salad: Add into a bowl the mixed salad, chop up prosciutto into small pieces, add some salt & pepper, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic flakes, chilli flakes and mix thoroughly. Once nicely mixed, add in chopped cucumber.

Once chicken skewers are cooked, serve with warm pita bread, tzatziki sauce. Fantastic!

Serves: 2 with Pita Bread and Salad
Time: ~25 minutes
Cost: $15

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